What Should I Bring to a Bali Rehab Centre?

What Should I Bring to a Bali Rehab Centre?

Embarking on a journey to a rehab center in Bali is a monumental step towards recovery and healing. As you prepare for this transformative experience at Seasons Bali, packing appropriately is essential for your comfort and well-being. Knowing what to bring can ease your transition and help you focus entirely on your recovery journey.

Essential Clothing and Personal Items

Bali’s tropical climate calls for light, comfortable clothing. Pack enough to last a week – remember, laundry services are available. Include:

  • Loose-fitting clothes: Ideal for Bali’s warm weather.
  • Exercise attire and shoes: For fitness activities and yoga sessions.
  • Swimwear: We have swimming facilities and often organize water-related activities.
  • Flip-flops and comfortable walking shoes: For everyday use and outdoor excursions.
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen: Essential under the Balinese sun.
  • A hat or cap: For protection against the sun during outdoor activities.

Personal Care Items

While basic toiletries are provided, you may wish to bring personal care items that make you feel at home. Consider:

  • Personal hygiene products: Your preferred shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc.
  • Prescription medications: In original packaging, with a doctor’s prescription.
  • Any specific health or beauty products: Especially those not readily available in Bali.

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10 Ways To Personalise A Loved One’s Funeral

One thing that funeral directors are fully aware of when arranging a funeral for a family’s departed loved one is that the need to make that funeral personalised is likely to be high on the list of requests made of them. Whilst funeral directors will happily accommodate such requests, the key point is that the departed’s family and friends are more critical to any personalisation than the funeral director.

We say that for the simple reason that funeral directors, except in rare circumstances, will not have known the deceased; therefore, they will not know any specifics about them and, thus, what would make the funeral personal to them. Below, silkwoodfunerals.com.au has advised ten ways to personalise a loved one’s funeral.

Follow The Deceased’s Wishes: Many people now pre-plan their funeral or at least give their wishes for what type of funeral they want. As such, ensure that those wishes are followed and that the funeral you have for them is as close as possible to what they would have liked.

Speak To As Many People As Possible Who Knew The Deceased: For anyone who has passed, there will be family members, friends, colleagues, and others in their social circle who have stories to tell about them, hopefully positive ones. Speak to as many people as possible to bring those stories together during the funeral or life celebration.

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5 Environmental Benefits of Landscaping

5 Steps To Mental Wellbeing That Landscaping Can Create

Most people’s first thought when they hear the words, ‘landscaping’ and ‘mental health’ will be that there is not much congruency between them. That is understandable as the worlds of garden landscapes and the wellbeing of our minds are two very distinctive subjects.

Most people will at least accept that a garden is a place where you can sit and relax, soak up the sunshine or play with your children, all of which are healthy pursuits and commensurate with feeling good. We could simply leave it at that as proof that a garden designed by yourself or landscape architects can have a positive impact on our mental health.

However, it goes much further than that, and if we focus on landscaping and how it can boost our mental health, there has not only been a lot written about this but there have even been studies and academic papers written on the subject too. Some of the research has found evidence that experiencing the outdoors and nature as you would when both creating and using a landscaped garden, can induce the following:

  • Improved Memory
  • Improved Attention
  • Happiness
  • Social Engagement
  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Sleeping Patterns
  • Improved Task Management

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17 Ways to Ensure Your Air Con So it is More Eco Friendly

How an air conditioning system is used contributes to whether it is eco-friendly. According to air conditioning consultants at airandwater.com.au, those interested in having a smaller carbon footprint – i.e., using less of the earth’s resources, can quickly adopt a few techniques to ensure their air conditioner runs more efficiently. Not only will they use less power, but it will also cost them less over the unit’s life, so they are saving. Often, what is good for the earth also brings financial benefits to us.

Here are 17 tips to ensure your air conditioner use is eco-friendly.

  • Make sure you close windows and doors when the air con is on.
  • Seal all those gaps around the doors and windows and anywhere else you can find them.
  • If possible, set the thermostat for between 24-26C in the summer, as a temperature below that will increase the cost of running it by 10%. This may not be possible in heatwave conditions.
  • When the outside temperature drops, turn the a/c off and open all the doors and windows. Use a fan to help circulate cool air, as fans take less power.
  • Open windows to the prevailing breeze and open another window opposite it to help the airflow through. This can often be enough without the a/c.

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Five Ways Sexual Harassment Can Impact Long Term Mental Health

Five Ways Sexual Harassment Can Impact Long Term Mental Health

Despite ever-tightening laws and increasing compliance monitoring, sexual harassment remains a huge problem in workplaces across Australia and the world. On top of the obvious distress and emotional issues it can cause, it’s possible for someone to suffer from long-term mental health problems due to harassment.

Because of this, it’s important to have your employer or employment lawyers get on top of any issues as soon as possible. In this article, we’ve explored five common illnesses that can rear their ugly heads as a result of ongoing workplace sexual harassment. But before we get into it, remember that harassment isn’t something that’s confined to women – men can be sexually abused as well.


First on our list is depression, one of the most common mental illnesses in the world. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most damaging, with severe depression effectively disabling a person.

Sexual harassment can lead to depression, but the effects aren’t always obvious immediately. In fact, recent studies suggest that it can manifest as long as five to ten years after the initial issue took place.

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5 Environmental Benefits of Landscaping

5 Environmental Benefits of Landscaping

Landscaping is something that many people do for themselves, their family, and their friends. By landscaping your property, you make it more aesthetically pleasing, desirable for prospective purchasers, and enjoyable for entertaining and relaxing.

These are all excellent reasons to give your yard a new lease on life, but you may not have realised that the environment also benefits. If you don’t believe that’s true, consider the following information.

Wildlife Are Catered For
You often hear about one of the major causes of a particular animal’s population decline being habitat loss. You might picture people felling forests and destroying scrubland, but it can happen a little closer to home.

Even something as simple as ripping out a shrub gives some creatures one less place to seek food, shelter, and refuge. Therefore, you may be doing many wildlife populations a favour by planting trees, shrubs, and plants in general.

If you talk to your local landscape design experts, they can shed some light on the most beneficial plants to include in your landscape design. Before long, you may be seeing insects and other critters that you have never seen on your property before.

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Bad Back

What Is Causing Your Bad Back?

A bad back can be caused by sitting down for long periods at a desk, tension, stress and also rushing around all the time. You maybe an architect or web designer where you are required to sit at a desk for long periods of time. Scheduling down time is important and you can do this more easily when you have alternative comfortable furniture to sit in. Creating an attractive alfresco space with comfortable outdoor furniture is a good way to enjoy some relaxation, but you must make sure you use it. All the quiet havens in the world won’t help you relax if you don’t spend time there.

If you have a bad backache it can really make your life miserable, especially if you don’t know what’s causing it. A bad back can prevent you from participating in sports, going shopping, walking for your health, and even sleeping well. It can stop you from being able to sit comfortably for any length of time, thus interfering with important relaxation.

While there are many causes of bad backs, the most likely are sleeping on a mattress that is old and does not support you in the right place or sitting on a lounge or computer chair that does not give your back the proper support. It is really essential to find out what is causing the problem and address it, to ensure your health is as good as possible.

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Environmental Management

Business Benefits of Environmental Management

Many businesses such as a digital marketing agency and SEO companies and others decide to follow sustainability guidelines because they have done their research and found that not only will it help the earth’s resources to last longer, it also impacts their bottom line in a positive way. Perhaps even more importantly, when done for the right reasons it gives the company a good reputation.

Here are some of the reasons for going green in your business –

  • You can receive certain government grants and assistance.
  • Your company will spend less on things such as water, power and raw materials.
  • You and your company will receive positive recognition through various, numerous environmental awards.
  • It is possible to find new markets for services or goods that are ‘green’.
  • Because you’ve reduced wastage and the use of hazardous chemicals your workplace will be safer and costs will be lower.
  • Employees will be happy to work for you because they know of the increased workplace safety.
  • A positive impression in the minds of both employees and customers will be created when they know what your stand is on environmental issues.

There are many incentives and tools to help in the quest to become more environmentally caring. However, implementing some practices is just a matter of common sense in a lot of cases. For instance, cutting back on the use of paper by saving documents in digital form and only printing them out when you need them to be on paper will save storage, waste costs and time, since it is usually easier and quicker to find digital files.

Other easy ways to save on costs and to be environmentally friendly are: –

  • Adding potted plants or having a small garden to the office to improve air quality
  • Using LED lighting or compact fluorescent lights

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7 Tasks You Should Complete Prior To Your Carpets Being Professionally Cleaned

7 Essential Steps to Prepare for Your Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service

Having made the decision to bring in a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner to restore the freshness and extend the life of the fabrics in your home, you’re already on the right track. Professional cleaning services don’t just make your carpets and upholstery visually appealing but also substantially increase their longevity.

While the lion’s share of benefits comes directly from the expertise and diligent work of the cleaning service, there’s a vital role for you to play as well. This includes post-cleaning care and maintenance, but importantly, several preparatory steps should be taken before the professional cleaners arrive.

The preparations are not as simple as a couple of quick tasks. Instead, there are several actions that can set the stage for a seamless cleaning process. Here are seven critical steps to take before your carpets and upholstery receive their professional cleaning.

Pre-Vacuum Your Carpets:
While many cleaning services may include vacuuming as a preliminary step, pre-vacuuming your carpets ensures the deep cleaning phase isn’t delayed. Plus, any dirt and grit you remove is already benefitting your carpets.

Sweep Other Surfaces:
Your home may have a mix of carpeted floors and other floor types like hardwood or vinyl. Sweep these surfaces to ensure no loose debris can find its way onto your carpets or upholstered furniture during the cleaning process.

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5 Simple Steps To Steam Cleaning Your Carpets Properly

5 Simple Steps To Steam Cleaning Your Carpets Properly

Whilst some people take their carpets for granted and do little to care for them, thankfully most others look after their carpets properly, including hiring professional Perth commercial cleaners to occasionally give their carpets the top-quality clean that they require. Caring for and cleaning your carpets not only helps to make your home look great, but it prolongs the carpets’ lives meaning you spend less on having to replace them.

The specific ways in which you can care for your carpets and clean them varies greatly. It could be that you remove stains immediately, it could be the professional carpet cleaning that you invest in, or simply the regular vacuuming that you do without fail, two or three times every week. Another way of cleaning carpets is steam cleaning them to give them a truly deep clean.

Deep cleaning your carpets by steam cleaning can remove the dirt, grime, grit, and dust that has penetrated deep down into your fibres and no matter how diligently you vacuum, they are not removed. The issues this can cause include discolouration and wear. So, if steam cleaning is the solution to this, how do you do it? Our first advice is to pass it on to professional carpet cleaners. They will have all the necessary equipment and experience to properly steam clean your carpets.

However, if you insist on doing the job yourself, then we recommend that you least take some preparatory actions so that the steam clean goes without a hitch, and deep cleans your carpet effectively. To help you achieve all this here are the five steps to successfully steam cleaning your chapters.

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