BodyBalance Exercise

What You Need to Know about BodyBalance Exercise

Many people are scared about joining group fitness classes such as BodyBalance because they feel like they are too “new” to exercise, or won’t be able to keep up. The truth is, you’re not alone in how you feel, and a lot of people are nervous about starting something new. However, what you will find is that BodyBalance is something anyone can enjoy and benefit from, and you won’t be feeling new for too long. Here’s everything you need to know about BodyBalance before you start.

The Exercises are Manageable

There is a range of high-intensity exercise classes available, but high-intensity physical activity is not for everyone. Sometimes, you just want something that will push you but will be a mixture of physical challenges and mental challenges. BodyBalance involves not only low to medium intensity exercises such as Pilates, Tai Chi, and Yoga but incorporates meditation as well. Therefore, you may find it’s more manageable for your fitness or experience level than you think.

You Can Burn Calories

You don’t have to run a mile, sprint, and sweat up a storm to lose calories. If you enrol in a group fitness class such as BodyBalance, the combination of exercises can help you to burn up to 390 calories – that’s more than what you would burn after walking for an hour!

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Wine and Chocolate

Do Wine and Chocolate Go Together?

When you are providing someone with a present or gesture, more often than not they contain wine and chocolate. For some reason, these two items are “go to” gifts, especially if you don’t know the person very well. Even though they pair as gifts, you will very rarely see them appear together on a restaurant menu. Nor will chocolate be a recommended pairing when you view wine information on an online wine provider website.

While wine and chocolate with a lovely ribbon is the perfect gift for a friend, how on earth do you pair them together? The following information might help.

What Works with Milk Chocolate?

Milk chocolate consists typically of both cream and chocolate, which makes it more of a confectionary than actual chocolate. However, that doesn’t make it any less hard to pair. A sure-fire way of nailing the combination is to opt for sweet sparkling red wine.

The berry, spices, and fruity undertones from most sweet sparkling varieties pair beautifully with the creaminess of the chocolate. What’s more, each bite and swig blends together into a zesty, berry-like combination that feels silky smooth in your mouth and tastes divine.Tip: If you order chocolate mousse at a restaurant, ask for a glass of Ruby Port. With spice and berry undertones, it’s a match made in heaven. You may also be able to find this Port, which originates from Portugal, from an online wine provider.

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Sauvignon Blanc

Types of Sauvignon Blanc

There is no denying that Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most versatile wines available. You can find it at almost any restaurant, and it’s abundant in bottle stores and online wine shops too. However, there’s every reason to believe that its versatility to pair beautifully with almost any dish is down to the significant variety available. Below, we outline the various Sauvignon Blanc option from different parts of the world.

What Are My Options?

If you were to leave the country of origin out of the equation, you would find there are two main Sauvignon Blanc kinds: aged and stainless. Aside from the difference of taste, another significant difference is the price tag, especially on a restaurant menu.

The most common variety of Sauvignon Blanc is unoaked. Unoaked wine refers to its fermentation process in a concrete vat or even a stainless steel one which is becoming more common. Typically, this fermentation style lends itself to a lower price tag, while still producing wine with high acidity and bold, fruity flavours.

Aged Sauvignon Blanc, which is barrel-fermented, is more of a refined Sauvignon Blanc for delicate palates and those looking to spend a little more. The wine is aged in lees which is essentially dead yeast, and the result is a far creamier wine that dances on the palate. Wine producers also have a little fun with the aging process, adding butter, lemon oil, and even lemon curd for a burst of flavour for a pleasant surprise. However, the intricacies of the fermentation process are reflected in the price tag. In saying that, you may be able to buy it cheaper if you look at various online wine distributors.

Sauvignon Blanc Varieties by Country

France: France is by far the biggest producer of Sauvignon Blanc, with significant production occurring in Loire, Bordeaux, Languedoc-Roussillon. In Loire, you can expect hints of honeydew melon, high acidity levels, and even a slight hint of lime. However, high-end wines are typically fruitier with hints of fennel, lemongrass, and peach. These wines are commonly found in any restaurant throughout France.

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Sedation Dentistry

Why Consider Sedation Dentistry?

Are you one of the one in six people who fear the dentist? While your oral health is equally as important as your overall health, more Australians are likely to put off going to the dentist than a doctor appointment. However, in many cases, the longer you put it off, the bigger the problem and cost.

When you fear the dentist, it can often be hard to convince yourself to go. Instead, you tell yourself the pain will go away, that you don’t need regular check-ups, and that your teeth are okay.  Instead of worrying and putting it off, why not consider sedation dentistry and make the experience far more pleasurable?

We’ve included a few of the many reasons why sedation dentistry could benefit you.

It Speeds Up the Process

When you’re scared of the dentist, or you require plenty of reassurance during your appointment, it’s not uncommon for you to be there longer than the appointment usually would take. While your dentist doesn’t mind going the extra mile to ensure you’re comfortable, it can mean that you’re in a situation you don’t want to be in for an extended period. If you consider sedation dentistry that puts you at ease, your dentist can carry out your treatment or procedure much quicker. As a result, you’re in and out the door at lightning speed.

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Stainless Steel Jewellery

Stainless-Steel Jewellery

While not all jewellers you come across will stock stainless steel jewellery, a growing number is beginning to. There is no denying that gold, silver, and platinum are still leading the way, but stainless-steel is no longer only an option for your steak knife set. Instead, it’s proving to be a beneficial metal type for your jewellery as well. Here’s why.

It Doesn’t Tarnish

If you’re not one to spend countless hours maintaining your jewellery, then you will be pleased to know stainless steel doesn’t need you to. When you buy silver jewellery, which is one of the most popular metals in the world, the jewellers you buy it from will tell you what you need to do to care for it. Silver tarnishes when you expose it to oxygen, which means that you often need to polish it. Stainless steel, however, doesn’t oxidize or tarnish which means it requires minimal maintenance or cleaning – if any at all.

No Sheen

When you purchase items from jewellers, each type of metal has a different sheen and appeal. While you look beautiful, when you wear them together, that sheen can often not match. You then have to be quite selective with what you wear together. Stainless steel doesn’t have this same sheen, which means whatever stainless-steel jewellery you buy, it will all match each other well.

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Waist Training

Is Waist Training the Same as Corset Training?

Many people believe that waist training is the same as corset training, but the two are vastly different practices. While both garments do look similar in style, there are a few dramatic differences that can set them apart as well. Below, we look at the differences between corsets and waist trainers so you can decide which method works for you, and which doesn’t.

What Is Waist Training?

Waist training is more of a contemporary term, derived from a time where women would use corsets to “train” their waist. However, waist trainers today are vastly different than that of corsets and corset training.

You wear a waist trainer to slim down your waist, flatten your stomach, improve your posture and accentuate your curves. There are many different waist trainers for sale on the market, and they look very different to corsets. Most of the high-quality waist trainers are made from latex rubber, and they also feature clasps not dissimilar to those of a bra which you can adjust as your waist shape changes.

The most significant difference between waist training and corset training is that waist training doesn’t alter your rib cage or organ placement to achieve an hourglass figure. Instead, it works with your shape for a more toned appearance. In essence, many people consider it to be safer.

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Bridesmaid Robes

Where to Get Ready for Your Wedding

Have you decided where to get ready when the big day arrives? Many brides opt to have the hairdresser and makeup artist come to their home rather than having to travel to them. It gives you a bit more time and saves having to find a suitable outfit to wear, drive and find a close park, especially if it’s very windy or rainy. However, if you and your bridesmaids decide this is a good idea, remember to have bridesmaid robes to wear so your hairstyle will not be spoiled pulling a t-shirt off over your head.

It’s essential to book the hairdresser and makeup artist well in advance so they don’t take any other bookings for that day. That will free them up to spend all their time getting you and your wedding party ready without having to rush back to their salon for other appointments.

Make sure you have enough room to do this, though. You need some large mirrors that chairs can be placed in front of, especially if your bridesmaids are all with you. Have some spare towels and hand-towels ready and clean off the bench top space ready for them. You might also want to add your own hairspray in case the hairdresser forgets to bring hers.

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Take a Selfie Before Botox

Why You Should Take a Selfie Before Botox

Many women shudder to think their face is getting wrinkles. After going through wrinkle cream, chemical peels and dermabrasion only to find those wrinkles are still there, they may very likely turn to Botox for treatment. If you are considering this kind of treatment it is essential to discuss it with a qualified doctor, dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon and do everything they tell you to before and after the treatment.

One thing they may not tell you to do is take a photo of yourself beforehand, but this is a good idea because our memory is not always reliable, especially when it comes to small improvements. If you have a good photo of your wrinkles you will be able to see what a difference the Botox made to them. In fact, comparing your face after the shots with the photo can really help the injector to know whether they gave you enough, or if you should have a bit more.

It is good to have both a before and after photo and take one in between as well. This can give you a good idea of just how the Botox works for you, as so many others get different results. So your first photo should be taken just before the injections. Then another one should be taken the day afterwards. This is often when the doctor does not see you unless you have a problem with reactions or bruising, so it’s good to have the photo to show him the next time you go.

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Environmental Management

Business Benefits of Environmental Management

Many businesses such as a digital marketing agency and SEO companies and others decide to follow sustainability guidelines because they have done their research and found that not only will it help the earth’s resources to last longer, it also impacts their bottom line in a positive way. Perhaps even more importantly, when done for the right reasons it gives the company a good reputation.

Here are some of the reasons for going green in your business –

  • You can receive certain government grants and assistance.
  • Your company will spend less on things such as water, power and raw materials.
  • You and your company will receive positive recognition through various, numerous environmental awards.
  • It is possible to find new markets for services or goods that are ‘green’.
  • Because you’ve reduced wastage and the use of hazardous chemicals your workplace will be safer and costs will be lower.
  • Employees will be happy to work for you because they know of the increased workplace safety.
  • A positive impression in the minds of both employees and customers will be created when they know what your stand is on environmental issues.

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The Most Important Part of Any Event

If you are organising an event such as a wedding or a party, what are the most important parts? You might say every part is important, but without great photos to remember it by, the event can soon be forgotten by the many guests who attend. Hiring kiss and tell photo booths for the event will ensure that this never happens to your event.

With the ability to take fun photos right in the venue, each and every guest will be able to not only take the photos they want with their own friends, but download them the very next day. They can then choose which – if any – they want to have printed out, or decide to keep the digital file instead. Either way they’ll always have photos to remember you and your event, especially important for things like weddings, anniversaries and birthdays or other celebrations that are significant in your life.

Of course it is important to pick a suitable venue, order the drinks and food and make sure you have music, lighting and decorations to make the place look wonderful. And a DJ will help the night go off with a bang. But you also want everyone to have fond memories of the event, memories that will not fail with age or get lost over the years. The best way to do this is to have good photographs to look at. A picture is worth a thousand words and will certainly stimulate the memories of the person viewing it.

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Healthy Finances

How Healthy Finances Equals a Healthy Lifestyle

It seems amazing in this day and age of technology that so many people don’t know how to handle their finances. Financial advisors like Andep will tell you that nearly everyone could make better use of their income with a little financial planning. Getting a financial advisor to help you create a financial plan for your income and needs can improve your lifestyle and even your health.

In fact, if people would just stop and think about it, they would realise how healthy finances equals a healthy lifestyle. Here’s how.

  • When you don’t have to worry and stress about your budget you will be healthier. This means that you save a lot on visits to a doctor, on medications and on days off work. It also means you will feel more like doing fun things – and be able to do them with the money you saved on doctors.
  • When you have good finances you can spend more on good quality food, so you and your children will be healthier, again saving on the costs of illness. Being healthier means your quality of life will improve as you’ll feel more like doing things that are energetic with your children or spouse. You’ll also have enough money to spend on doing them.

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Health Benefits of Red Wine

The Health Benefits of Red Wine

Even though you may hate the thought of cleaning up the carpet after a spill of red wine, there are some health benefits to be gained by drinking it. In fact, many people like to drink it anyway, whether it has health benefits or not. If you are worried about your carpet, says Brilliance carpet cleaning you should simply learn the best way to do it and keep cloths on hand so that it is quick and easy to do.

In fact, soaking up and stain immediately with paper towels is a good start, but if the stain doesn’t come out you can always get the professional cleaners in. Meanwhile, stop worrying about it and enjoy your relaxing meal with that nice wine.

Here are the health benefit of red wine.

  • Wine is a great relaxant for those who are stressed or even too tired to sleep. When you are really tired, it is sometimes difficult to fall asleep because your brain seems to be going around at a fast pace even after going to bed. A glass of red will help you to relax and get a good night’s sleep. Once you are well rested, you’ll feel great the next day.
  • Red wine is made from the skins of grapes, as well as the flesh. The skin is where the colour comes from and it contains very good anti-oxidants called resveratrol and flavonoids that are good for your heart and help to decrease the ‘bad’ cholesterol and increase the ‘good’ cholesterol in your body. And as we all know, bad cholesterol sticks to the arteries and interferes with the blood flow, which can cause heart problems.

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12 Ways To Ruin Your Skin without Really Trying

Skin is one of the most important parts of the body. Not only does it hold everything in place, it acts as a protective layer, a third kidney and an insulating blanket for our organs. Smooth skin can make us look younger than we are, while wrinkled skin will make us look much older. Often, we put our skin into danger of being ruined without even realising it. Here’s how.

  • We don’t shower after swimming in the pool or the ocean. Chlorine and salt are both really drying to the skin and should be washed off with lots of soap. We should then smooth on moisturiser.
  • We may go outside without sunscreen. The effects of UV radiation on the skin is very aging. If you can, notice English people or those who come from cold countries. Their skin is much more youthful looking than many Australians because they don’t spend hours in the sunshine due to the cold weather in their country.
  • Getting too close to a bonfire or a barbeque. The effect of fire and heat on our skin can truly burn and wrinkle it. Some skin types are more susceptible than others, but once those wrinkles have formed it is too late to find out if yours is.
  • Sitting too close to a radiant heater in the winter can also dry out your skin.

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How to Overcome Addiction

Addiction to drugs is a serious health risk that has the potential to ruin your life as well as the lives of your loved ones.  Once you realise you are addicted you may want to find ways and means of overcoming the addiction. Booking into drug rehab is by far the best and easiest way to achieve your goal simply because there are many experienced and qualified staff to help you day and night.

First you need to set some goals so that you will know exactly what you want to achieve. While overcoming drugs will need help, if you are addicted to something like alcohol you may not want to stop drinking altogether, but only enough to save your relationships or to achieve some other goal such as safe driving. It’s important to know what your goal is before you start as that will help you know how to proceed.

One problem is that while some people who smoke or drink are addicted to those things, other people can smoke or drink the same amount without being addicted. They can stop just like that with no withdrawal symptoms at all and no going back to it. You will know if you are addicted if you keep doing it even though you’ve decided not to.

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Event Planning – why you need a great DJ / MC

Many corporate or other events are planned around Christmas and New Year to celebrate the season and as a way to say goodbye to colleagues leaving for a well-earned holiday. Such events usually have dancing, music and entertainment. Getting a DJ from a professional company such as Lumin8 Events is an essential part of such an event to ensure everyone has a good time.

When it comes to hiring a DJ, companies and event planners know the value of getting an experienced one who can break the ice and get that event or party swinging from the first minute so that everyone has the fun they deserve. A great DJ/MC can actually entertain and inform the guests at a party so they all know what to expect and what to do – and just as importantly, when to do it.

A DJ/MC can control the crowd of people simply through what he says and the music he plays. He can also keep things on track if there are speeches, presentations or other things that must be done. The venue is only booked for a certain number of hours and some speechmakers go on and on. The DJ can ensure that everything finishes on time and no one is left out who has a speech to give.

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Restore Damaged Teeth

4 Ways to Restore Damaged Teeth

Teeth do a lot of hard work over a lifetime and can be damaged when you chew something hard, if you grind your teeth at night or from a trauma such as from playing sport or some other accidental injury. A good dentist such as Candlewood Dental Centre will very likely be able to restore a damaged tooth, if it is not too badly damaged.

The main thing to remember is to seek treatment as soon as possible after the damage occurs, because once the tooth is damaged it is weakened and using it will only make the damage worse.  Here are some ways the dentist may treat your damaged tooth, depending on how bad it is.

  • Chipped tooth – this may not be painful, depending how big the chip is and where on the tooth it is located. Treatment will vary depending on which tooth is damaged. Front teeth are highly visible so the dentist will attempt to make the tooth look like normal again. He can do this by placing a dental veneer over the top of the tooth, or he may make a crown to replace the missing chip. It is not likely the chip that came off will be usable, so don’t worry about keeping it. Very often a chip can be replaced with a dental filling that is the same colour as the natural tooth and shaped to look like the rest of the tooth. If it’s a large chip, it might be necessary for a post to be inserted into the remaining tooth to help hold the new part on.

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Is Liposuction Painful?

Perth Liposuction is a procedure where a cannula – tube – is inserted under the skin to such out fat. To get under the skin, a small incision is necessary.  It would certainly be painful if done without any form of anaesthetic. Luckily, doctors don’t expect you to suffer in this way. Each patient undergoes the procedure with the help of a numbing agent, either local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic – or both.

Which one you have depends on the type of liposuction you have and how much fat is to be removed.  For instance, if you are having a large area treated, the doctor may advise you to have a general anaesthetic. It is essential to discuss everything with your doctor and be guided by his professional opinion.

A small area of liposuction may only need a numbing agent for pain control.  This would be injected under the skin in the area to be treated. It is something similar to a numbing dental injection, only because there is more muscle and fat in the injection site than your gum, it won’t be nearly as painful as a dental injection.

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Addiction Treatment

What Makes Addiction Treatment Successful?

If you or a loved one have an addiction to any drug, it is essential to get treatment as soon as possible. The most successful type of treatment entails going to a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic such as Sivana Rehab so that health care providers can be on hand day and night to help you. There are several ways to make sure that addiction treatment is successful.

  • Seek treatment as early as possible. Even if you don’t think you are addicted it is highly likely that you are. Most people who take drugs don’t believe they are addicted until their health really starts to break down and by then it is too late to help them.
  • Get treatment from a residential drug rehab centre that also offers counselling. Taking drugs is a sign of something deeply emotional or psychological that has disturbed you. Without treating the cause of the problem you will be more likely to return to the habit. Besides this, removing yourself from the whole drug scene will give you a new perspective as well as removing the temptation to go back to old habits.
  • Most clinics treat a drug problem for 30 days after which the sufferer leaves and returns to their normal accommodation. However, drug addiction cannot be cured in this time. Like alcohol addiction it is something that the sufferer must grapple with for the rest of their life. It helps significantly if they can remain in a halfway house of some kind where they can get back to life as it was before the addiction and plan for study or work in a job. This way they can experience a certain amount of freedom yet have that care and help at hand whenever they need it. People who do this have the most success at getting over their addiction and remaining free of drugs for the rest of their life.

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4 Ways to Take Care of Your Health on Holidays

A healthy person always enjoys their life more than a sick one, no matter whether they are on holiday or working. But when you go on holiday you feel like the universe owes you a good time and it is totally spoiled if you fall sick. Advice from Easy Bali Villas says that you have wasted both time and money if you can’t enjoy your holiday, so here are 4 ways to take care of your health while on holidays;

  • Mosquitoes are rife in Bali as the constant rain causes many puddles that easily breed mosquitoes. These are the kind that carry malaria, so make sure you get vaccinated before you leave for Bali. Sleep with a mosquito net over the bed if you leave the windows open. Take insect repellent with you and use it often, especially when out in the countryside or when walking along the street at night. Mosquitoes can be anywhere and everywhere.
  • Take out travel insurance because getting sick in Bali is no laughing matter. You may need to be flown home to a top hospital for treatment, depending on whether you are sick or injured and how badly. This can cost a great deal and cause much stress if you are ill-prepared. Hospitals in Bali are not the same as in Australia and you may need quality care to even survive. With insurance you can get it.

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Take Child to Dentist

Why You Should Take Your Child to the Dentist

It’s a good idea to take your child to the dental clinic at a young age so they get used to sitting in the chair and having someone look in their mouth.  According to Joondalup City Dental, it is best not to wait until there are decays to be fixed, but go as an introduction to the dentist rather than for any actual treatment. However, each child is different, so if yours is a shy child who doesn’t like strangers, wait until they are a bit older before taking them.

While it may seem unnecessary to take a child for no dental treatment, what you are doing is showing your child that there is nothing to fear, while encouraging them to understand how important it is to keep their teeth healthy by brushing and flossing correctly and regularly.

In addition, if they allow the dentist to look in their mouth, he can often catch a problem and rectify it before it gets any worse.  He can usually see at a glance if the teeth are crooked or overcrowded, the shape of the mouth and what is likely to happen as the child gets older. This is all good for you to know in advance so you can be prepared to have it fixed in due course.

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Guide to IPL Skin Rejuvenation

If you want to rejuvenate your skin, IPL – Intense Pulsed Light – may be the way to go. While it is often used to treat specific skin problems such as scar tissue, pigmentation or rosacea, the end result always improves the skin, making it look more youthful and brighter. This is because the outer layer of dead skin cells is removed and more collagen is produced, both of which improve the appearance of the skin.

So even though you may not have those problems, you can still have the treatment just to make your skin look younger. It is one option that lasts a long time, although you may need to have more than one treatment. If your budget or time is limited, always be sure to consult your doctor about cost and number of treatments.

Is IPL right for you?

However, not everyone is suited to this kind of skin treatment. Unfortunately, it does not work so well on darker skin tones such as sallow skin. It is more effective on pale and white skin tones. It is best to be guided by a trained and experienced doctor as there are many other options for skin rejuvenation that could suit you better.

IPL skin rejuvenation is not only done on the face or backs of the hands – areas of skin that are  visible. It can be done on the abdomen to remove ugly stretch marks so you will be able to wear a bikini without blushing. It can be done on the back to remove pigmentation or scar tissue and it can be done on the thighs or legs, if necessary. It is safe for all areas of the body.

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Natural Beauty Routines

Why You Should Try Natural Beauty Routines

What can you do if you have a problem with your skin and all the chemicals in the world don’t seem to make any difference? It may be time to throw away the chemicals and go natural. After all, chemicals are actually toxic, even though they are considered safe because they are present in such small amounts. However, over time this amount will increase and cause goodness knows what kind of damage to your skin.

The problem with many skin products is that what they contain is very often irritating to the skin, if that’s even the worst it does. Soothing creams meant to make the skin soft and prevent it from drying out often contain a drying ingredient. The more you use the cream the worse your skin gets, after that initial ‘feel good’ few hours. So back you go to the same old cream and slather it on even more. The only one to benefit is the company that makes it.

The best thing you can do for your skin is to use natural products that contain no chemicals. You may have to pay more and even look harder to find them, but it will be worth it in the long run. You may even be able to make your own. There are plenty of DIY recipes for skin care products on the Internet.

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Things you Should Know about Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery. While many of these women find a great deal of satisfaction in their new size and shape, it should be remembered that any kind of surgery carries a modicum of risk with it. And not everyone is happy with their cosmetic surgery for one reason or another. Here are some of the things you should be aware of before undergoing breast implants.

  • Implants don’t always last forever. Some develop leaks and need to be replaced. Or scar tissue can develop, making the size and shape of the implant different from what you expected. 25% of women who have this surgery need to have more surgery done within 10 years.
  • The shape and size of your new breasts could change if you lose weight or fall pregnant. Another reason why more surgery may be necessary.
  • Depending on where the cut is made for the insertions, you could lose the ability to breastfeed your babies.
  • It is also possible that your nipples could become numb, although they will still respond to stimulation or cold. You just won’t feel it.
  • Your breast tissue will not feel the same as your breasts did before surgery, although silicone implants do give a similar feel. If you had only small amount of breast tissue beforehand, the implants will be more noticeable. However implants placed behind the muscles are harder to detect – but more painful at first.

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Bad Back

What Is Causing Your Bad Back?

A bad back can be caused by sitting down for long periods at a desk, tension, stress and also rushing around all the time. You maybe an architect or web designer where you are required to sit at a desk for long periods of time. Scheduling down time is important and you can do this more easily when you have alternative comfortable furniture to sit in. Creating an attractive alfresco space with comfortable outdoor furniture is a good way to enjoy some relaxation, but you must make sure you use it. All the quiet havens in the world won’t help you relax if you don’t spend time there.

If you have a bad backache it can really make your life miserable, especially if you don’t know what’s causing it. A bad back can prevent you from participating in sports, going shopping, walking for your health, and even sleeping well. It can stop you from being able to sit comfortably for any length of time, thus interfering with important relaxation.

While there are many causes of bad backs, the most likely are sleeping on a mattress that is old and does not support you in the right place or sitting on a lounge or computer chair that does not give your back the proper support. It is really essential to find out what is causing the problem and address it, to ensure your health is as good as possible.

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The Difference Between Red and White Wine

While most people are familiar with wine, they may not be so familiar with how it is made. In fact, it is a fairly simple process of fermenting grapes that produces wine, but the difference between red and white wine is due to the presence of the skins during the fermentation process of red wine. It is the skins of red or black grapes that give red wine its colour.

When the whole grapes are crushed the skin tends to rise to the surface.  They are pushed back down several times a day during the fermentation process so that they remain in contact with the liquid.

The sugar content

Grapes must be picked when ripe so that the sugar content is stable. Traditionally, grapes were picked by hand; these days many larger vineyards have their grapes picked by machine. In warmer climates they are often picked during the night. They then have to go through a process to remove the stems and any leaves or sticks. This too, is done by a machine that also lightly crushes the grapes.

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Physical Fitness For Students

There have been many research papers written on the topics of health – and other subjects too, of course. These are often written by university students as part of their studies and may contain fresh or groundbreaking news about medicines or new ways to treat certain diseases. However, when you are spending your whole time writing and studying you won’t be physically fit, so it’s wise not to suddenly undertake any exercise such as lifting heavy furniture.

If you need to move into a new flat as many students do, let the pro removalists like Brilliance Removalists Perth do all the hard work of loading the truck, otherwise you could easily strain muscles or put your back out and end up suffering pain for weeks.

Most students do a great deal of studying, often to the detriment of their health. Spending all their time poring over their lessons and assignments in order to get good grades means they don’t have enough time to play a sport, swim or get their body fit. They are often too tired to even think about jogging or running for exercise.

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7 Things to do Before Botox Treatment

Botox injections are a medical procedure and should always be carried out by a trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon. Before you have the Botox treatment there are several things you need to do to ensure the best results. Here is a checklist of 7 tips to help you out: –

  • Choosing the right doctor can make a world of difference to your Botox results. The doctor should be board certified, trained and experienced in facial anatomy and Botox treatment. He or she will then understand what each facial muscle does and where the best place is for the injections for the wrinkles or lines you want to have removed. Never allow just anyone to do the injections.
  • Tell your doctor all about your health and medical history. He needs to know if you are pregnant, what conditions, if any, you have and what medication or supplements you are taking.
  • Go off blood thinning medication and supplements before the treatment so that there will be less bruising. Vitamin E, fish oil, Ginseng and Gingko Bilboa are all supplements that thin blood. Aspirin is also a blood thinner as other prescription medications may also be.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol for a few days before the injections.

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10 Ways to Stay Safe on Holidays

When people go for a holiday the last thing on their mind is running into danger. However, when you are far from home in a strange environment or in a culture like Bali that is not familiar it is easy to run into danger or trouble without even recognising it.  And even if you do, it is not always easy to know the best thing to do to minimise the danger and so the results may be worse than they need be. Here are 10 ways to stay safe in Bali.

  1. Let someone know when you are going and when you are due back. Let them know what your itinerary is and if you change it, work out some way to let them know. Contact them often while you are away so they know you are safe.
  1. Make copies of all your important papers such as your passport, visa, travel tickets and so on. Then if you lose them you will be able to prove they exist.

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17 Ways to Ensure Your Air Con So it is More Eco Friendly

The way in which an air conditioning system is used contributes to whether it is eco friendly or not. For those interested in having a smaller carbon footprint – i.e. using less of the earth’s resources, can easily adopt a few techniques to ensure their air conditioner runs in a way that is more efficient. Not only will they use less power, it will cost them less over the life of the unit so they are saving. Often, what is good for the earth brings financial benefits to us as well.

Here are 17 tips to ensure your air conditioner use is eco friendly.

  • Make sure you close windows and doors when the air con is on.
  • Seal all those gaps around the doors and windows and anywhere else you can find them.
  • If possible, set the thermostat for between 24-26C in the summer as a temperature below that will increase the cost of running it by 10%. This may not be possible in heatwave conditions.
  • When the outside temperature drops, turn the a/c off and open all the doors and windows. Use a fan to help circulate cool air as fans take less power.
  • Open windows to the prevailing breeze and have another window opposite it open to help the air flow through. This can often be enough without the a/c.

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Why Liposuction is Better than Laser Treatments for Fat Reduction

Sometimes, the term fat reduction is used interchangeably with weight loss. When it comes to liposuction this is cannot be done. Liposuction may cause weight loss and usually does, because the fatty deposits are sucked out of your body. However, it is actually done to improve the shape of the body by removing lumpy parts caused by fat, not for weight loss alone.

However, many people do delight in the fact that liposuction removes their love handles and other lumps and bumps caused by those fatty deposits that are so difficult to get rid of by diet and exercising. In fact, liposuction works much better than laser treatments for this type of fat reduction. Why?

It addresses the problem directly

Liposuction works by removing the fat directly without damaging the surface of the skin apart from where the cut is made. This leaves small scars, often only 3mm long, which heal quickly and fade away to nothing in most cases. While liposuction is considered to be invasive surgery due to the fact that it requires incisions, it can be a better choice than laser treatment because it is a more direct way of fat removal and more suitable to treatment of large areas.

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Beauty Tips

10 Top Beauty Tips

There are many things in this world that conspire to ruin our looks, from pollution in the air to the stress we deal with on a daily basis. Most women are interested in tips to make their skin glow and other aspects of the face and body look better than they would if left neglected. Here are 10 top beauty tips that will help you make the most of what Mother Nature gave you.

  • Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is one of the best ways to keep your complexion looking smooth. According to experts, the body is 70% water so getting plenty of this simple substance is vital, yet one of the easiest things to do.
  • Get plenty of sleep. If you don’t want bags under your eyes, you must have at least 8 hours of quality sleep per night. So make the bedroom dark and quiet and use bedding made from natural fibres so you don’t perspire all night.
  • Cut back on stress. Stress makes you frown and in no time those wrinkles between your eyebrows and on your forehead will become deep and obvious, making you look older than you are. If you can’t remove stress, take up meditation or yoga, or learn other ways to deal with it.
  • Use organic skin care and beauty products that don’t have chemicals such as Parabens in them. These chemicals are no good for your body or your skin. Many are carcinogens – linked to cancer. Other harsh chemicals to avoid are benzophenone, another carcinogen, butylated compounds (BHA) which are banned in Europe, Formaldehyde, Triclosan which is linked to antibiotic resistance and hormone disruption. There are too many others to mention here.

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4 Ways to Enjoy Family Holidays

Family holidays are sometimes an exercise in patience for the parents, but especially the mother because she seems to be the one that the little children turn to for comfort or anything else that they want. Here are some tips to help make that family holiday in Bali more successful, so that everyone can enjoy themselves.


If you want to enjoy a family holiday in Bali, it is essential that each parent has some free time and to get this you either have to split up and go alone while the other one babysits, or hire a babysitter. According to Luxury Villas Bali if you have the kind of really nice accommodation that offers affordable babysitters, it will make things easier. But it is also essential to choose accommodation that is not restrictive like a hotel room is. You don’t want to have to creep around the room while the littlies have their afternoon nap or go to bed early. Villas are much easier on family life, allowing the little ones to rest peacefully in their own bedroom while the parents enjoy more freedom in the living rooms and just outside near the pool, where they can still hear the children if they are disturbed.

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How to Take a Break from the Humidity in Tropics

According to holiday experts Easy Villas, since it has a tropical climate, hot, wet weather can be expected in Bali. Often, the humidity is at 80-90%, which makes it a bit sticky for some people. Luckily, there are ways to take a break from the humidity in Bali, so you can enjoy your holiday more. Here are some of them.

  • Book your holiday for the winter months. Bali doesn’t have a winter as such, but during our winter, their season is not as hot and so not as humid.
  • Rest under the fan in one of the beautiful villas during the hottest part of the day, or spend an hour or two where there is air-conditioning.
  • Visit the highlands. Even if you just go for a day tour during your holiday it will give you a break from that sticky heat. Staying overnight will enable you to enjoy a good night’s sleep as the temperature goes down considerably then.
  • Avoid Christmas holidays in Bali. Not only is it lots more expensive, it’s hotter and more humid. The ideal months are May June and September, with April and October still being okay weatherwise. In these months the weather is kinder and so are the prices. July is school holiday time and very expensive.

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5 Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is not about being vain; it is about making the most of your looks. Nature gives us all good points and bad points so making the most of the former and the lessening the impact of the latter will ensure we look our best. There are many benefits of having cosmetic surgery to overcome what is perceived as a bad point. Here are some of them.

  • More confidence. If you worry excessively about how you look, it usually means you lack confidence. You feel bad about yourself and think that others may look down on you because of how you look. Sadly, this could be true. These days people are more than ever conscious of their body image and strive for perfection, however unreal that may be.

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6 Great Beaches For Holidays

There is no doubt that the beaches are some of the best attractions of Bali, especially for Australians who are known to be beach lovers. If you are going on a holiday to Bali, it is only natural to want to check out the beaches, no matter if you are a teen keen to go surfing or parents of a younger generation that loves to play on the beach and paddle in calmer waters.

Then there are all the other fun, water-related activities that you can do in and around the water and the beaches. So if sparkling water and long stretches of white sand are on your holiday agenda, here is a list of 6 beaches tourists love, but there are many more.

    • Nusa Dua beach is surrounded by luxury hotels as well as palm trees and wonderful gardens. It is safe as a beach can be for toddlers, with calm water and no currents likely to drag them out. The water is crystal clear for those who love to snorkel and if you are into surfing you can catch bigger waves at either end of this beach.
    • We hear a lot about Kuta beach because it is a very popular destination, especially for surfers. It’s not so good for swimming as the waves are too big, but there are plenty of beach parties and clubs that offer entertainment at night. Find it a bit further along the city line than Nusa Dua.

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How Botox Works

If you are going to have Botox injections to get rid of your wrinkles it is a good idea to understand how they work – and how your facial muscles work. Botox is mainly used to treat wrinkles in the face, but it may not be suitable for all kinds of wrinkles.

How wrinkles form

Wrinkles form due to the action of muscles moving the skin, but those wrinkles form perpendicular to the muscles that causes them. For instance, those mainly perpendicular lines between your eyebrows are cause by a horizontal muscle contracting, while the horizontal wrinkles above your eyebrows and across your forehead are caused by the contraction of a vertical muscle.

How Botox prevents them forming

When Botox is injected into the muscle it blocks the nerve impulse to tissues and thus prevents it from contracting or moving and this is what removes the wrinkles. If muscles cannot move, then they can’t push the skin into a fold or wrinkle. The muscle may still be able to move a little bit, especially as the Botox is absorbed into the body and loses its effectiveness.

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Fats and Trans Fats, and What Next

In November of 2006, the New York City Department of Health issued a citywide ban on the use of trans fats in restaurants. Another directive has been to post calorie counts on menus as well, but we’re not dealing with this subject today. It’s the fats issue that has me preoccupied.

First, let’s get our facts straight. Trans fats cannot be seen, nor bought at the market. They are technically known as trans fatty acids, and are part of some other fat or oil that can in fact be bought.

Fats are made of chains containing mostly carbon and hydrogen (there may be as many as 24 carbons in a chain). Each carbon has four bonds, and each hydrogen has one, so a single carbon atom can hook up with four hydrogen atoms. In a saturated fat chain, each carbon atom hooks up with two hydrogens and one other carbon (except the first and the last ones); in other words, saturated fats have only single bonds between carbons.

A mono-unsaturated fat has one double bond between two carbons only, and therefore is missing two hydrogen atoms.

Polyunsaturated fats have two or more double bonds between three or more carbons, and they are missing even more hydrogen atoms, which makes them liquid at room temperature.

Hydrogenation or partial hydrogenation is an industrial process that forces hydrogen back onto the carbon chain, thereby artificially saturating it again. It is that process that causes the appearance of the trans fats.

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Is Breast Augmentation Right for You?

Many women who are dissatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts have breast augmentation surgery. Basically, silicone or saline implants are inserted into the breast after the cosmetic surgeon makes an incision in the breast. There are three possible places for this incision; under the breast, around the areola – the pink part – or under the arm.

While the surgeon must assess your particular body shape before deciding, most women have the incision under the fold of the breast where the scar cannot be seen. In any case, scarring is not a matter to worry about. The scars are not very noticeable and as they heal they become even less so.

Do it for yourself, not someone else

Before you decide on this kind of cosmetic surgery, you need to ask yourself why you want it and what you expect to gain from it. It’s important to only have it if you make the decision for yourself. Don’t be pushed into by someone else who is not satisfied with your body shape. It is your body and the only person who should want to change it is you.

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Energy – What Is It?

Recently I was involved in a conversation between a physicist, Bill, and a former physician, Steve, who now does what he calls “energy healing.” I had a vague idea of what he meant by that, but Bill took umbrage. “The word ‘energy’ has a very precise meaning in physics and the physical sciences,” he said. “I see it bandied about in the most outlandish ways, to make it mean something it doesn’t. That really bothers me.” We went on a bit about this subject, and finally all agreed that there had to be another way to name what in the alternative healing field is commonly referred to as “energy,” as in energy healing, the energy in foods, good or bad energy, and so on and so forth.

To show you how extensive this argument is, let me quote from the online encyclopedia Wikipedia (under “energy”):

Non-Scientific Energy

The term “energy” is widely used in a spiritual or non-scientific way that cannot be quantified.

To mathematicians, engineers and scientists, the word “energy” has a strict and quantifiable definition. Any usage of the word that violates this definition must be termed pseudoscience. They argue that the mixing of the non-scientific and scientific definitions of the word creates confusion.

Examples of pseudoscience are mysticism and parapsychology in fields such as acupuncture and reiki. Paranormal researchers will often refer to “psychokinetic energy” when attempting to explain paranormal phenomena or the concept of a spirit or soul.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Holiday

Bali is a popular destination for Australian tourists because it offers an exotic location with lots of beaches not too far away from our own shores, which means you don’t waste precious holiday time travelling.  It also offers much in the way of different cultures and food, bargain shopping opportunities, different and exciting things to do and see and lots of fun for everyone.

But just like a holiday to any other part of planet Earth, a holiday to Bali should be well-planned and organised to get the most out of it. It would be a shame to miss out on something you really wanted to see or do because you forgot to include it, or ran out of time to get there. So here are 12 ways to get the most out of your Bali holiday.

  • Do your research early on and decide what you want to see the most. You won’t be able to fit it all in, so choose carefully. Write it down so you don’t forget.
  • If you are going with your partner, take it in turns to choose what to visit; that way you will each have a fair share of things you like.
  • Keep away from the local alcohol as it is much stronger than any other kind. If you intend to get drunk, designate one of your group to be the responsible one and look out for the others. Two would be better.
  • Learn a little about the laws of the land and make sure you obey them.

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The Mainstreaming of Natural Therapies

One medicine for all is historically a very recent development of the 20th Century. In the United States in the 1800’s, there were many different types or “schools” of medicine, including homeopaths, herbalists and many others, all of whom incorporated local folk remedies in their repertoire. Homeopathy became very popular during the 19th century, and claimed many adherents. In those days, medicine was practiced by all types of people, including many women, black, working class, and poorer people, so that all communities were served. There were sixteen women’s medical schools by and ten black medical colleges by 1900. The family doctor also knew folk remedies and herbal medicines, and had learned much from personal experience.

In 1917, Abraham Flexner came out with the “Flexner Report” which called for the standardization of medical education and practice, proposing that it should be built around laboratory science and clinical experience. In addition, it proposed standards of professional behavior, and the exclusion of women, black, and the poor from practice. Homeopathic doctors and herbalists were frozen out of the mainstream.

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Path to Healing

The first time I tried it I was about eight years old. My father had had a heart attack after World War II had ended and I was about six. We were living in Holland. In those days, people with heart disease were put in bed rest for months on end. My father used to get angina pains in his chest, and besides a nitroglycerine pill, he used the services of a woman to do laying-on of hands on him and take the pain away. It seemed to give him relief.

A couple of years later, because of all kinds of complicated circumstances, we emigrated to Argentina. There was no woman there to lay her hands on my Dad when he had chest pains. One day he was really suffering, and I felt really bad for him, so I decided to try. I put my hands on his chest and concentrated, wishing the pain away. Soon enough I began to feel a nasty pain creeping up my arms. Ah, I thought, so this is what it feels like. When it got to my elbows I did what I had seen the woman in Holland do I shook my hands to get it out, and lo and behold, the pain left me. My father said he felt better.

After that, I decided to use this new skill with great care, only when needed. I used it for my father, and occasionally for my brother when he had a headache. But then, when I was nineteen, my father died in my arms, and I decided that I wasn’t very good at this healing business, so I quit using it.

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Judge Not Your Neighbors By Their Diet

Pretty much all of us who get into “healthy eating” do it, at least for a while. It’s an inevitable part of the process. We do judge others by what they eat, and harshly most of the time. Like when we are in line at the supermarket with our paper goods and light bulbs, and look at what’s in the baskets of the other customers — “Aw, gawd, how can they EAT that junk! And their poor children . . . !”

Perhaps the reason we are so critical is because we judge ourselves unkindly. We have judged ourselves not good enough and in need of an overhaul, and the diet will set us right. I believe that if it were not so, we couldn’t stick to the effort it takes to change our diet, our lifestyle, to make a political statement through diet, or even to eat for “spiritual development.”

Nevertheless, our assessment may be correct, and the tool as well. Our blood sugar may be erratic, our cholesterol may be too high, or we know we need more fiber in our meals. A more appropriate way of eating may be extremely helpful. But believe me, from one who’s been there, there are sequelae to a dietary commitment, a wake of consequences that may last for years.

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Tap Water or Bottled? The Fluoride Issue

The New York Times published what seemed to me a somewhat cranky Op-Ed piece on August 1, 2005, called “Bad to the Last Drop,” by Tom Standage. Mr. Standage, who is the technology editor of The Economist, conducted a blind taste test of ten bottled and tap waters with his friends. The result? They couldn’t tell which was tap and which was bottled, so their conclusion was that “people cannot tell the difference between tap water and bottled water,” therefore, they are wasting their money when they buy the latter.

This was a very poor test, in my view. I remember when I lived in Argentina, as a youngster, and commuted between two cities, Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata. I spent my teenage years in the latter, which is a seaside resort, and the tap water seemed just fine. Then I went to Buenos Aires for college, and the tap water there was vile! After a while I got used to it, and it seemed normal. Then I would return to my home town, and the tap water there was vile in turn! Until I got used to it, and then it became normal. As I moved twice a year — college, recess, summer, etc. — my relationship with the waters swung widely, and every time the taste took getting used to.

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New Concepts in Diet

New Concepts in Diet II: The Old Traditions

I have been teaching for more than thirty years that we should eat according to the tradition of our ancestors, in addition to other concepts.  Much of my work was based on a book I read in 1967 called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,by Weston Price, a dentist.  Dr. Price traveled the world over in the early ‘30’s, studying the diets of eleven different population groups and the condition of their teeth.  He found universally that those peoples who lived on their native diets had fine teeth, well-developed dental arches, and easy childbirth;  those who had adopted the refined food of Western civilization (sugar, white flour, canned vegetables, jams and pastries) found themselves with a steep rise in dental problems, difficulty with childbirth, and crowded teeth and malformed jaws in the children of mothers who ate this way.  The Price-Pottenger Foundation has kept this important work in print all these years.

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Food and the Mind

The hold on the mind is so tenuous. I’m always amazed to see how well people communicate, make decisions, implement plans, and generally do things, considering that it all depends on a fleeting neurotransmitter, a capillary that remains open, a couple of neurons that speak to each other. The tenuous hold can wobble with a simple fever, not even so high — 101′ or so — which disturbs the sleep and confuses the brain, giving rise to all manner of babblings and strange irrelevant thoughts. The mind wobbles with the lack of food, the absence of sufficient nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates; it shakes with stimulants and drugs, with familiar foods, with an overdose of sugar, an excess of caffeine, a chocolate pig-out. And what of the well-intentioned drugs of our medical system? So many strange substances go into our bodies, float in our bloodstream, come calling at the blood-brain barrier asking to be let in. When they are, does their presence disturb the finely calibrated pathways of neurons and neurotransmitters? Do the substances we inject into our children find a way into their brains, there to cause havoc and knock over relay stations or damage those pathways forever?

Mind and body are not two. Mind-troubles do relate to body matters. Let us be clear about that. How do they relate? For the longest time the relationship was only intuited, accepted by the “wholistic” thinker as obvious, but without the so-called “hard science” (visible particles that can be seen and classified by more than one person) to support it. Then in the 70’s and 80’s the particles that make sense to scientists — neurotransmitters — were discovered, and mind-brain studies took off like a rocket.

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