7 Ways You Improve Your Health When Working In Your Landscaped Garden

7 Ways You Improve Your Health When Working In Your Landscaped Garden

Landscapers aren’t the only ones who love working in gardens, some people love working in a garden of their own, whether it be a small backyard or a large garden created from a landscaping design. In truth, the size does not matter, as gardens of all sizes give pleasure to those who use them and work in them. As well as enjoyment, there is another highly important benefit that gardens provide and that is they can help to maintain and improve your health and wellbeing.

You may wonder how this can be the case as the last time you visited their doctor, the prescription was for some pills, not ‘go mow the lawn’. However, if you were to ask that same doctor whether they recommend gardening to help boost your health, we are sure they would give a resounding “Yes” in reply. If you are still unclear as to how your garden can help boost your health, below are seven ways in which your landscaped garden provides you with health benefits.

#1 – It Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure: By spending just 30 minutes each day working in your landscaped garden, that period of physical activity is enough to help prevent and control high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a major contributor to heart attacks and strokes so anything you can do, including gardening, to prevent it, should be pursued.

#2 – You Are Burning Calories: Another health benefit of regularly working in your garden is that you are burning calories as you do so. For example, weeding for 30 mins burns 180 calories and digging for 30 minutes means you will burn over 200 calories. Given that you can control your weight by reducing calories, the more you burn through gardening the more chance you have of maintaining a healthy weight.

#3 – You Are Out In The Fresh Air And The Sunshine: What better way to boost your wellbeing than by breathing in lots of fresh air and being bathed in sunlight, rich in Vitamin D,  which is exactly what happens when you are outside in your landscaped garden.

#4 – You Can Grow Nutritious Fruit And Vegetables: If your landscaping design can include the means to grow fruit and vegetables then this is another way you can boost your health via your garden. Highly nutritious vegetables like kale, broccoli, and spinach plus fruits like strawberries and blueberries will taste all the better if you grow them yourself

#5 – It Relieves Stress And Anxiety: The world can seem full of stress and anxiety, especially recently but there is a great way to relieve them and that is spending time working in or simply sitting in your landscaped garden.

#6 – It Provides Positivity Via Sensory Stimulation: Your senses being stimulated in your garden is another way your well-being is enhanced. Being able to touch and feel the textures, view the kaleidoscope of colours, hear the gentle rustling of the leaves on trees, smell the wondrous fragrances of flowers, and taste the sweetness of the delicious fruit it produces, makes your garden an abundant provider of positive emotions.

#7 – It Is Your Happiness Sanctuary: Last, but certainly not least, is the simple fact that your landscaped garden can be the place you go to when you want some solitude and some peace,  but also the opportunity to look around and feel good about what has been created around you via the landscaping design you chose.