5 Simple Steps To Steam Cleaning Your Carpets Properly

5 Simple Steps To Steam Cleaning Your Carpets Properly

Whilst some people take their carpets for granted and do little to care for them, thankfully most others look after their carpets properly, including hiring professional Perth commercial cleaners to occasionally give their carpets the top-quality clean that they require. Caring for and cleaning your carpets not only helps to make your home look great, but it prolongs the carpets’ lives meaning you spend less on having to replace them.

The specific ways in which you can care for your carpets and clean them varies greatly. It could be that you remove stains immediately, it could be the professional carpet cleaning that you invest in, or simply the regular vacuuming that you do without fail, two or three times every week. Another way of cleaning carpets is steam cleaning them to give them a truly deep clean.

Deep cleaning your carpets by steam cleaning can remove the dirt, grime, grit, and dust that has penetrated deep down into your fibres and no matter how diligently you vacuum, they are not removed. The issues this can cause include discolouration and wear. So, if steam cleaning is the solution to this, how do you do it? Our first advice is to pass it on to professional carpet cleaners. They will have all the necessary equipment and experience to properly steam clean your carpets.

However, if you insist on doing the job yourself, then we recommend that you least take some preparatory actions so that the steam clean goes without a hitch, and deep cleans your carpet effectively. To help you achieve all this here are the five steps to successfully steam cleaning your chapters.

Step One

Remove All Furniture, Obstacles And Breakables from The Room: It stands to reason that to steam clean the entire carpet in a room, everything that can be removed should be removed. This includes furniture, electrical devices, and most certainly anything valuable or breakable. Make sure you get assistance to move heavy items to avoid injuring yourself.

Step Two

Pre-Cleaning And Vacuuming: Now that the room is empty you can now do the necessary pre-cleaning. This includes, but is not limited to, vacuuming the entire carpet thoroughly, removing any stains which the carpet has, and dusting items that remain, such as ceiling lights and fans, window ledges, and skirting boards.

Step Three

Prepare Your Steam Cleaning Machine: Before you start the steam cleaning of your carpet you must ensure that the steam cleaning appliance is ready for use. This includes you having read the manufacturers operating instructions. You should ensure that any detergent you are using is suitable for both the machine and your carpets.

Step Four

Steam Clean Small Areas At A Time: The safest method of steam cleaning a carpet is to do so in small sections. This should include cleaning a small section as a test to ensure nothing untoward happens to your carpet. If the test section seems ok, you can then proceed but clean section by section rather than the entire carpet in one go.

Step Five

Leave Your Carpet To Air Dry Naturally: as for your carpet drying, our first tip is that as you are steam cleaning try not to step on areas that have not yet dried. Following that, as a general principle, steam cleaned carpets should be left to air dry, rather than trying to dry them artificially with a hair drier or heaters.