How To Organise Your Very Own Team Building Olympic Games

How To Organise Your Very Own Team Building Olympic Games

There is no sporting event that is more recognisable around the world than the Olympic Games, with its iconic 5-ringed emblem. And so, what better team building games than your very own version of the Olympics, whether it be for work colleague bonding, friends birthdays or even bucks parties .

If you think about organising the event in the purpose of team building within your organisation, the Olympics has all the elements you would want for any team you are managing such as commitment, working for the greater good, and most of all teamwork, be that in team sports or athletes working with their coaches.  Whilst we are sure you not expecting any of your team to run 100 metres in less than 10 seconds or set any records for jumping or rowing, there are plenty of benefits to be had.

The first thing to establish is what type of team building Olympic Games you are going to organise. This will very much depend on the type of team you are managing, their physicality, and even their ages. Obviously, if they are a sporting team, or you have team members who are young and fit, then you can have an Olympics which requires high energy and physical effort.

However, if your team is maybe not as agile, you could still have physical games, but which are a bit less taxing on the body. Ultimately, you could have a ‘mental’ Olympics where the games are not physical, but instead require mental skills such as puzzle solving and logical thinking. Continue reading “How To Organise Your Very Own Team Building Olympic Games”

Bridesmaid Robes

Where to Get Ready for Your Wedding

Have you decided where to get ready when the big day arrives? Many brides opt to have the hairdresser and makeup artist come to their home rather than having to travel to them. It gives you a bit more time and saves having to find a suitable outfit to wear, drive and find a close park, especially if it’s very windy or rainy. However, if you and your bridesmaids decide this is a good idea, remember to have bridal robes to wear so your hairstyle will not be spoiled pulling a t-shirt off over your head.

It’s essential to book the hairdresser and makeup artist well in advance so they don’t take any other bookings for that day. That will free them up to spend all their time getting you and your wedding party ready without having to rush back to their salon for other appointments.

Make sure you have enough room to do this, though. You need some large mirrors that chairs can be placed in front of, especially if your bridesmaids are all with you. Have some spare towels and hand-towels ready and clean off the bench top space ready for them. You might also want to add your own hairspray in case the hairdresser forgets to bring hers.

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The Most Important Part of Any Event

If you are organising an event such as a wedding or a party, what are the most important parts? You might say every part is important, but without great photos to remember it by, the event can soon be forgotten by the many guests who attend. Hiring photo booths for the event will ensure that this never happens to your event.

With the ability to take fun photos right in the venue, each and every guest will be able to not only take the photos they want with their own friends, but download them the very next day. They can then choose which – if any – they want to have printed out, or decide to keep the digital file instead. Either way they’ll always have photos to remember you and your event, especially important for things like weddings, anniversaries and birthdays or other celebrations that are significant in your life.

Of course it is important to pick a suitable venue, order the drinks and food and make sure you have music, lighting and decorations to make the place look wonderful. And a DJ will help the night go off with a bang. But you also want everyone to have fond memories of the event, memories that will not fail with age or get lost over the years. The best way to do this is to have good photographs to look at. A picture is worth a thousand words and will certainly stimulate the memories of the person viewing it.

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Event Planning – why you need a great DJ / MC

Many corporate or other events are planned around Christmas and New Year to celebrate the season and as a way to say goodbye to colleagues leaving for a well-earned holiday. Such events usually have dancing, music and entertainment. Getting a DJ from a professional company is an essential part of such an event to ensure everyone has a good time.

When it comes to hiring a DJ, companies and event planners know the value of getting an experienced one who can break the ice and get that event or party swinging from the first minute so that everyone has the fun they deserve. A great DJ/MC can actually entertain and inform the guests at a party so they all know what to expect and what to do – and just as importantly, when to do it.

A DJ/MC can control the crowd of people simply through what he says and the music he plays. He can also keep things on track if there are speeches, presentations or other things that must be done. The venue is only booked for a certain number of hours and some speechmakers go on and on. The DJ can ensure that everything finishes on time and no one is left out who has a speech to give.

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