Event Planning – why you need a great DJ / MC

Many corporate or other events are planned around Christmas and New Year to celebrate the season and as a way to say goodbye to colleagues leaving for a well-earned holiday. Such events usually have dancing, music and entertainment. Getting a DJ from a professional company is an essential part of such an event to ensure everyone has a good time.

When it comes to hiring a DJ, companies and event planners know the value of getting an experienced one who can break the ice and get that event or party swinging from the first minute so that everyone has the fun they deserve. A great DJ/MC can actually entertain and inform the guests at a party so they all know what to expect and what to do – and just as importantly, when to do it.

A DJ/MC can control the crowd of people simply through what he says and the music he plays. He can also keep things on track if there are speeches, presentations or other things that must be done. The venue is only booked for a certain number of hours and some speechmakers go on and on. The DJ can ensure that everything finishes on time and no one is left out who has a speech to give.

Many people would linger in the venue for hours chatting with each other only that the MC can ensure – tactfully – that they all know when the party is over and the venue must be shut down. This is one of the hidden rules of a party in any booked venue. While most people know there is a cut off time, they don’t always know when it is, but it must be adhered to.

In some cases the time is important if there are other parties booked in soon after. There has to be time for packing up and cleaning the venue, then setting up for the other party before they arrive. Other times, it is very late – or early in the morning – and staff need to get the cleaning done before they can go home. A great DJ or MC can ensure the partygoers are ushered out of the venue without feeling as if they are being pushed out.

So don’t leave the DJ job to just anyone; it needs a professional and experienced DJ who has people skills and can use them to good effect to undertake the job. Such a person is worth their weight in gold, because without them most parties or events would be a failure. No one would know when to sit or when to dance. They’d just mill around like a lot of lost sheep. Well, perhaps not quite that bad, but you can see the value of having a great DJ/MC for your event.