Bridesmaid Robes

Where to Get Ready for Your Wedding

Have you decided where to get ready when the big day arrives? Many brides opt to have the hairdresser and makeup artist come to their home rather than having to travel to them. It gives you a bit more time and saves having to find a suitable outfit to wear, drive and find a close park, especially if it’s very windy or rainy. However, if you and your bridesmaids decide this is a good idea, remember to have bridal robes to wear so your hairstyle will not be spoiled pulling a t-shirt off over your head.

It’s essential to book the hairdresser and makeup artist well in advance so they don’t take any other bookings for that day. That will free them up to spend all their time getting you and your wedding party ready without having to rush back to their salon for other appointments.

Make sure you have enough room to do this, though. You need some large mirrors that chairs can be placed in front of, especially if your bridesmaids are all with you. Have some spare towels and hand-towels ready and clean off the bench top space ready for them. You might also want to add your own hairspray in case the hairdresser forgets to bring hers.

It’s a good idea to have your hair shampooed one or even two days before the wedding, then you will only need to have the styling done. Hair, especially if it’s fine hair, usually sets better on the day after the shampoo. Having your nails done the day or evening before is also good to save time on the day, especially if you are having a morning wedding.

On the morning of the wedding, make sure everyone uses the shower before the hair stylist arrives so the bathroom won’t be full of steam and so that it is free for you to use for make-up and styling. Otherwise, set up another room with a table, mirror and enough chairs for that at least two people can be done at the same time. You may be able to borrow portable mirrors that can be set up on the table to help the hairdresser with the styling.

Make sure there is a power point close at hand for the hair dryer and other hairdressing tools that will be needed. You may need to ensure there is an additional power cord or power-board to allow for the extra use necessary. Having this arranged beforehand will help things to progress smoothly without any time being wasted.

If you home is too small, maybe a relative with a larger home would allow you to use it to prepare. Once you decide where to get ready for your wedding and have everything organised there you may be able to get those wedding jitters more under control.