Take a Selfie Before Botox

Why You Should Take a Selfie Before Botox

According to beauty experts, prideincareuk.com, many women shudder to think their face is getting wrinkles. After going through wrinkle cream, chemical peels and dermabrasion only to find those wrinkles are still there, they may very likely turn to Botox for treatment. If you are considering this kind of treatment it is essential to discuss it with a qualified doctor, dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon and do everything they tell you to before and after the treatment.

One thing they may not tell you to do is take a photo of yourself beforehand, but this is a good idea because our memory is not always reliable, especially when it comes to small improvements. If you have a good photo of your wrinkles you will be able to see what a difference the Botox made to them. In fact, comparing your face after the shots with the photo can really help the injector to know whether they gave you enough, or if you should have a bit more.

It is good to have both a before and after photo and take one in between as well. This can give you a good idea of just how the Botox works for you, as so many others get different results. So your first photo should be taken just before the injections. Then another one should be taken the day afterwards. This is often when the doctor does not see you unless you have a problem with reactions or bruising, so it’s good to have the photo to show him the next time you go.

Then take a third photo about a week after the injections. This stage should show the full effect of the treatment. While many women find an immediate change in the wrinkles, it takes longer for others. If you have a really slow metabolism it could take some days before the change is fully visible. It is good to keep a record of what happens at each stage.

Botox doesn’t always take all the wrinkles away; it just minimises them so they are not nearly as obvious. So you might feel that the treatment didn’t work if you can’t remember exactly what your wrinkles were like beforehand. Having a good quality photo to compare your face with after treatment will show you exactly what the results are.

Being able to compare the two will help you to make a decision about have it done again and decide whether it is worthwhile for you or if you should choose another option.  It is also good to have those first photos to compare with later ones, should you decide to continue the treatment. This is because many people find that there is an even better result after two or three treatments. It is good to know for sure how your face has changed.