5 Ways To Make Moving House In The Heat of Summer Bearable

5 Ways To Make Moving House In The Heat of Summer Bearable

Whilst you may be able to pick which house you are moving to, your Melbourne removalists, and even the wallpaper that you are going to hang in your new living room, one thing you cannot choose is the weather on the day of your move. You might also be constrained in terms of the date you can move, or the time of year you move, and this may mean moving at the height of the summer.

Many activities are suited to the summer such as cricket, tennis, and swimming, but house moving, for most people, is not fun when temperatures are high. For this reason, we thought we would help out with our top 5 tips for making moving house during the hot summer months, more bearable for all.

#1 Wear The Right Clothing

This is sound advice for a lot of activities, but it is especially true for when you are moving house in the summer heat. Loose-fitting clothing made from materials which are breathable can help keep any sweating to a minimum. For this reason sports clothing is a great choice. Wearing brightly coloured clothes also helps.

Clothes to avoid are those which are tight-fitting, have dark colours, and are made from materials such as polyester which simply traps the heat around your body.

#2 Drink Lots Of Fluids

One of the biggest problems you and anyone who is with you can have when moving house on a hot, sunny day is a lack of hydration. In the worst cases, it can lead to heat exhaustion which is hardly the best start to life in your new home.

Make sure there are plenty of drinks available for everyone such as water, and sports drinks which can boost their energy. Ideally, freeze them overnight and keep them in a cool box for the day so anyone can access them whenever they need a drink.

#3 Do Most Of the Heavy Lifting First Thing

This obviously depends on when you are able to gain access to your new home, but in your old one, you may have more control over timings. What we are suggesting is that you try to do as much the heavy lifting, which is obviously going to be the most energy-sapping, as early as possible and therefore prior to when the hottest times of the day are.

#4 Keep Monitoring Everyone

This is not included to suggest that you make sure everyone is chipping in and pulling their weight with regards to helping with the house move. Instead, we mean for you to keep checking and asking that everyone is ok. This will be especially true of younger children, those who do most of the lifting, and any elderly relatives who live with you and are moving house too.

Even if someone is staying out of the sun, and therefore less likely to be sunburnt, heat exhaustion can still be a risk. Following from the previous tip, keep checking that everyone is drinking regularly.

#5 Use Professional Removalists

By far the best tip we can give is to spend the day chilling, literally, and let a team of professional removalists do all the hard work for you. That way you can actually enjoy the sun and the heat instead of trying to avoid them.