4 Ways to Take Care of Your Health on Holidays

A healthy person always enjoys their life more than a sick one, no matter whether they are on holiday or working. But when you go on holiday you feel like the universe owes you a good time and it is totally spoiled if you fall sick. Advice from Easy Bali Villas says that you have wasted both time and money if you can’t enjoy your holiday, so here are 4 ways to take care of your health while on holidays;

  • Mosquitoes are rife in Bali as the constant rain causes many puddles that easily breed mosquitoes. These are the kind that carry malaria, so make sure you get vaccinated before you leave for Bali. Sleep with a mosquito net over the bed if you leave the windows open. Take insect repellent with you and use it often, especially when out in the countryside or when walking along the street at night. Mosquitoes can be anywhere and everywhere.
  • Take out travel insurance because getting sick in Bali is no laughing matter. You may need to be flown home to a top hospital for treatment, depending on whether you are sick or injured and how badly. This can cost a great deal and cause much stress if you are ill-prepared. Hospitals in Bali are not the same as in Australia and you may need quality care to even survive. With insurance you can get it.

  • If you intend to ride a motor scooter or bike in Bali as a good way to get around, have some practice at home first. Many accidents happen to tourists who think they can just hop on and go without ever having ridden one before. You may get away with it on a straight, level, empty road, but in Bali the traffic in the cities is horrendous. And the road rules are different. The same goes for other activities that you have not done. Make sure you are fit enough and know a little about what to expect, even to ride in a jet boat.
  • Eating and drinking are a normal part of life, but when you go to a different country the food and drink will be different from what your body is used to. Take care not to overeat strange foods, no matter how delicious they are. Even fruit from a platter can cause gastric if you eat too much. Stick to bottled water both to drink and to clean your teeth with. Don’t eat food from open street stalls and go easy on the alcohol, especially the local stuff which is very strong. Remember to stay hydrated when you are out and about as you are sure to perspire a lot in the heat. On the beach, wear sunscreen all the time to prevent painful sunburn.