10 Ways to Stay Safe on Holidays

When people go for a holiday the last thing on their mind is running into danger. However, when you are far from home in a strange environment or in a culture like Bali that is not familiar it is easy to run into danger or trouble without even recognising it.  And even if you do, it is not always easy to know the best thing to do to minimise the danger and so the results may be worse than they need be. Here are 10 ways to stay safe in Bali.

  1. Let someone know when you are going and when you are due back. Let them know what your itinerary is and if you change it, work out some way to let them know. Contact them often while you are away so they know you are safe.
  1. Make copies of all your important papers such as your passport, visa, travel tickets and so on. Then if you lose them you will be able to prove they exist.

  1. Travel lightly. Bali is a hot and humid place, so you won’t want to drag around a lot of luggage. Besides, there are plenty of opportunities to shop and not having just the right outfit for a night out will give you a good excuse to do so.
  1. Just because the monkeys and dogs roaming around look tame doesn’t mean they are. Dogs can carry rabies in Bali, so avoid touching them. Monkeys are thieves to don’t try and make friends with them.
  1. They are not the only thieves. In most countries there are pickpockets looking for the unwary, especially on crowded streets or dark alleys, so keep your valuables safe or leave them at home. And stay out of said alleys.
  1. Go with a group and stay together, especially if it’s your first time travelling overseas. A single person alone is far more likely to become a target.
  1. If you plan on taking part in vigorous activities you don’t usually do at home, make sure you are fit enough – and have insurance.
  1. Respect the culture and obey the rules. Wear a sari when visiting temples so that your knees are covered; if you are there in March for their ‘New Years Day’ follow their traditions of keeping off the streets and so on.

  1. If you need to take medication with you, check to see that it is allowed in the country before you go.
  1. Avoid outdoor food and tap water to reduce the risk of Bali belly. Drink bottled water and use it to clean your teeth. Even eating ice cubes should be avoided.

You will enjoy your holiday much more when you know you are safe.