Why Liposuction is Better than Laser Treatments for Fat Reduction

Sometimes, the term fat reduction is used interchangeably with weight loss. When it comes to liposuction this is cannot be done. Liposuction may cause weight loss and usually does, because the fatty deposits are sucked out of your body. However, it is actually done to improve the shape of the body by removing lumpy parts caused by fat, not for weight loss alone.

However, many people do delight in the fact that liposuction removes their love handles and other lumps and bumps caused by those fatty deposits that are so difficult to get rid of by diet and exercising. In fact, liposuction works much better than laser treatments for this type of fat reduction. Why?

It addresses the problem directly

Liposuction works by removing the fat directly without damaging the surface of the skin apart from where the cut is made. This leaves small scars, often only 3mm long, which heal quickly and fade away to nothing in most cases. While liposuction is considered to be invasive surgery due to the fact that it requires incisions, it can be a better choice than laser treatment because it is a more direct way of fat removal and more suitable to treatment of large areas.

How laser treatment works for fat reduction

Laser treatment actually cools the fat cell down to the point where it dies and is then flushed from the body naturally. One type of laser treatment only treats superficial fat cell storage, causing the fat to leak out into the cell where again, the body can flush it away.

Laser fat removal is only good for those who are happy with their weight and only need a little light body sculpting to acquire their preferred body shape. It is not for those who have fatty lumps that are really obvious. The main benefit of laser treatment is that it is non-invasive and requires next to no downtime. Treatment only takes an hour and two treatments are usually needed for the best results.

How the two procedures are similar

The two treatments are similar in one regard and that is the length of time it takes to see an improvement. With laser, even though the job is done, it takes the body time to break down and flush out the dead fat cells. Sometimes it can take months before you can see any difference.

This is a similar time frame to liposuction, but in this case it is the bruising and swelling that prevents immediate results from being visible.

It is a good idea to consult your cosmetic doctor to discuss which one would be best for you. It will require you to have an examination of the area to be treated and your doctor will want to find out what your expectations are before advising you on the best treatment.