Is Liposuction Painful?

Perth Liposuction is a procedure where a cannula – tube – is inserted under the skin to such out fat. To get under the skin, a small incision is necessary.  It would certainly be painful if done without any form of anaesthetic. Luckily, doctors don’t expect you to suffer in this way. Each patient undergoes the procedure with the help of a numbing agent, either local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic – or both.

Which one you have depends on the type of liposuction you have and how much fat is to be removed.  For instance, if you are having a large area treated, the doctor may advise you to have a general anaesthetic. It is essential to discuss everything with your doctor and be guided by his professional opinion.

A small area of liposuction may only need a numbing agent for pain control.  This would be injected under the skin in the area to be treated. It is something similar to a numbing dental injection, only because there is more muscle and fat in the injection site than your gum, it won’t be nearly as painful as a dental injection.

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Why Liposuction is Better than Laser Treatments for Fat Reduction

Sometimes, the term fat reduction is used interchangeably with weight loss. When it comes to liposuction this is cannot be done. Liposuction may cause weight loss and usually does, because the fatty deposits are sucked out of your body. However, it is actually done to improve the shape of the body by removing lumpy parts caused by fat, not for weight loss alone.

However, many people do delight in the fact that liposuction removes their love handles and other lumps and bumps caused by those fatty deposits that are so difficult to get rid of by diet and exercising. In fact, liposuction works much better than laser treatments for this type of fat reduction. Why?

It addresses the problem directly

Liposuction works by removing the fat directly without damaging the surface of the skin apart from where the cut is made. This leaves small scars, often only 3mm long, which heal quickly and fade away to nothing in most cases. While liposuction is considered to be invasive surgery due to the fact that it requires incisions, it can be a better choice than laser treatment because it is a more direct way of fat removal and more suitable to treatment of large areas.

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