17 Ways to Ensure Your Air Con So it is More Eco Friendly

How an air conditioning system is used contributes to whether it is eco-friendly. According to air conditioning consultants at, those interested in having a smaller carbon footprint – i.e., using less of the earth’s resources, can quickly adopt a few techniques to ensure their air conditioner runs more efficiently. Not only will they use less power, but it will also cost them less over the unit’s life, so they are saving. Often, what is good for the earth also brings financial benefits to us.

Here are 17 tips to ensure your air conditioner use is eco-friendly.

  • Make sure you close windows and doors when the air con is on.
  • Seal all those gaps around the doors and windows and anywhere else you can find them.
  • If possible, set the thermostat for between 24-26C in the summer, as a temperature below that will increase the cost of running it by 10%. This may not be possible in heatwave conditions.
  • When the outside temperature drops, turn the a/c off and open all the doors and windows. Use a fan to help circulate cool air, as fans take less power.
  • Open windows to the prevailing breeze and open another window opposite it to help the airflow through. This can often be enough without the a/c.

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