12 Ways To Ruin Your Skin without Really Trying

Skin is one of the most important parts of the body. Not only does it hold everything in place, it acts as a protective layer, a third kidney and an insulating blanket for our organs. Smooth skin can make us look younger than we are, while wrinkled skin will make us look much older. Often, we put our skin into danger of being ruined without even realising it. Here’s how.

  • We don’t shower after swimming in the pool or the ocean. Chlorine and salt are both really drying to the skin and should be washed off with lots of soap. We should then smooth on moisturiser.
  • We may go outside without sunscreen. The effects of UV radiation on the skin is very aging. If you can, notice English people or those who come from cold countries. Their skin is much more youthful looking than many Australians because they don’t spend hours in the sunshine due to the cold weather in their country.
  • Getting too close to a bonfire or a barbeque. The effect of fire and heat on our skin can truly burn and wrinkle it. Some skin types are more susceptible than others, but once those wrinkles have formed it is too late to find out if yours is.
  • Sitting too close to a radiant heater in the winter can also dry out your skin.

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