6 Great Beaches For Holidays

There is no doubt that the beaches are some of the best attractions of Bali, especially for Australians who are known to be beach lovers. If you are going on a holiday to Bali, it is only natural to want to check out the beaches, no matter if you are a teen keen to go surfing or parents of a younger generation that loves to play on the beach and paddle in calmer waters.

Then there are all the other fun, water-related activities that you can do in and around the water and the beaches. So if sparkling water and long stretches of white sand are on your holiday agenda, here is a list of 6 beaches tourists love, but there are many more.

    • Nusa Dua beach is surrounded by luxury hotels as well as palm trees and wonderful gardens. It is safe as a beach can be for toddlers, with calm water and no currents likely to drag them out. The water is crystal clear for those who love to snorkel and if you are into surfing you can catch bigger waves at either end of this beach.
    • We hear a lot about Kuta beach because it is a very popular destination, especially for surfers. It’s not so good for swimming as the waves are too big, but there are plenty of beach parties and clubs that offer entertainment at night. Find it a bit further along the city line than Nusa Dua.

    • If the kids love collecting shells, take them to Sanur Beach, south of Bali on the coastal village of the same name. Its golden sand is several kilometres long and the water calm, ideal for swimming. Starfish are often found on the beach, so throw them back in to save their life.
    • Want a secret hideaway? Try Balangan Beach across from Uluwatu. You’ll need transport and can view the native villages, cattle grazing in the fields and the daily life of the people as you pass. But if you want to swim, try another beach as the waves here are too high.
    • See seaweed harvesters and enjoy brunch at one of the many cafes lining Geger Beach found from the highway heading to Nusa Dua. Calmer sea in the daytime, it tends to get a bit wild towards evening, so don’t get caught out. That’s the time to go visit the temple at the end.
    • Fancy a small, deserted beach? Found near Padang Bai ,Bias Tugal or Pantai Kecel – meaning little beach is for you, though you need to be energetic enough to walk the 500 metres down a rocky path. Sun, sand and solitude will greet you – and a strong current that makes swimming dangerous, especially for beginners.