4 Ways to Enjoy Family Holidays

Family holidays are sometimes an exercise in patience for the parents, but especially the mother because she seems to be the one that the little children turn to for comfort or anything else that they want. Here are some tips to help make that family holiday in Bali more successful, so that everyone can enjoy themselves.


If you want to enjoy a family holiday in Bali, it is essential that each parent has some free time and to get this you either have to split up and go alone while the other one babysits, or hire a babysitter. According to Luxury Villas Bali if you have the kind of really nice accommodation that offers affordable babysitters, it will make things easier. But it is also essential to choose accommodation that is not restrictive like a hotel room is. You don’t want to have to creep around the room while the littlies have their afternoon nap or go to bed early. Villas are much easier on family life, allowing the little ones to rest peacefully in their own bedroom while the parents enjoy more freedom in the living rooms and just outside near the pool, where they can still hear the children if they are disturbed.


What you do must be suitable for the youngest child. Don’t expect a 3-year old to go on a day-long hike or ride an elephant. They are not yet ready for those long water slides at Waterbom Theme Park. However, they may be ok with shorter slides so long as a parent goes with them. They can do a half day trip – not walking – to a bird sanctuary. They can play on the beach and go in shallow water if supervised. If you want to go white water rafting or visit the live volcano, work out a way to do it without the children or leave it until they are old enough. You may be able to rent a stroller for a walk around a zoo or theme park.

Food and Drink

Children’s digestive systems are not as strong as an adults, so be careful what you allow them to eat. If they want to pig out on something, make sure it is something that they are used to, otherwise you may have to hold them over the toilet for some hours. The same goes for drinking. Bottled water is safe but take medication in case they swallow some water from the pool or ocean.

When to go

Most parents realise the time to go on a family holiday is during school breaks. It is far better for kids if you go in the dry season – our winter. There are fewer bugs and less rain. Children and heavy downpours during the day don’t go together at all.