New Concepts in Diet

New Concepts in Diet II: The Old Traditions

I have been teaching for more than thirty years that we should eat according to the tradition of our ancestors, in addition to other concepts.  Much of my work was based on a book I read in 1967 called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,by Weston Price, a dentist.  Dr. Price traveled the world over in the early ‘30’s, studying the diets of eleven different population groups and the condition of their teeth.  He found universally that those peoples who lived on their native diets had fine teeth, well-developed dental arches, and easy childbirth;  those who had adopted the refined food of Western civilization (sugar, white flour, canned vegetables, jams and pastries) found themselves with a steep rise in dental problems, difficulty with childbirth, and crowded teeth and malformed jaws in the children of mothers who ate this way.  The Price-Pottenger Foundation has kept this important work in print all these years.

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