7 Things to do Before Botox Treatment

Botox injections are a medical procedure and should always be carried out by a trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon. Before you have the Botox treatment there are several things you need to do to ensure the best results and reduce the chance of any negative side affects such as prevent bruising. Here is a checklist of 7 tips to help you out: –

  • Choosing the right doctor can make a world of difference to your Botox results. The doctor should be board certified, trained and experienced in facial anatomy and Botox treatment. He or she will then understand what each facial muscle does and where the best place is for the injections for the wrinkles or lines you want to have removed. Never allow just anyone to do the injections.
  • Tell your doctor all about your health and medical history. He needs to know if you are pregnant, what conditions, if any, you have and what medication or supplements you are taking.
  • Go off blood thinning medication and supplements before the treatment so that there will be less bruising. Vitamin E, fish oil, Ginseng and Gingko Bilboa are all supplements that thin blood. Aspirin is also a blood thinner as other prescription medications may also be.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol for a few days before the injections.

  • Discuss with your doctor what your issues are and be guided by his advice. It could be that another type of treatment such as dermal fillers would be better, depending on the problem. The doctor will know the best way to treat your wrinkle problem.
  • Be sure that you and your doctor are in agreement about the problem you have and the results you want. Not all doctors agree about the various effects of Botox for the best result. Some may feel that the ‘frozen face’ look is the best result, while others will not. Make sure your doctor knows what your expectations are and is willing to work towards that goal.
  • Be realistic. Botox is not a magic bullet. Mostly the results are amazing, but occasionally the results are less than what you expected. It often depends on your skin type and how many wrinkles you have. However, once the bruising and any swelling goes down, you will have a better idea of the final results, so don’t jump to conclusions.

Most people are delighted with the results of their Botox treatment and there is no reason to think that you won’t be, especially if you choose the right doctor and follow all the instructions to the letter.  In this way you will find that you get the best results – a skin that is smooth and wrinkle free.